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Redshirts, by John Scalzi (complimentary copy)
Meta! In spaaaaaaaaaaaaace. This was a lot of fun. Also clever.
(165, A9)

Tropic of Hockey, by Dave Bidini
Dave and his wife traveled around the world to places where people play hockey ... places like Hong Kong, Dubai, and northern China. I forgot I liked sports books until I read this.

Home and Away, by Dave Bidini
This one was about the Homeless World Cup (of soccer). Focused on the Canadian team, 'cause Bidini traveled with them. Both funny and meaningful.

Insurgent, by Veronica Roth
Really all I want from a teen dystopia is for it to make me unable to put it down. And this one totally did that.

Stonelight, by Gaelyn Gordon
Quirky, oldfashioned kid's timetravel fantasy set in New Zealand. Was quite good, but not amazing.

Gould's Book of Fish, by Richard Flanagan
This book was annoying. Like, really annoying. The patches with no women in them were particularly dire. And yet, its better qualities got me to read it all the way through. Because they were really good. Whatcha gonna do?

What the Family Needed, by Steven Amsterdam
This was lovely, a perfect balance of realism and (superpower-type) fantasy, snarkiness and insight. Definitely going on the read-more-by-this-guy shelf.
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