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Exquisite American Gift; Red Incredible Tale

The Last Gift of Time, by Carolyn G. Heilbrun (reread)
Essays, or musings, about being an old lady. The best of these were amazing, but sometimes she frustrated me. I don't mind though, because, wow. Heilbrun. I wish she was still around, and I will keep doling her out to myself in small doses. Weirdly, I realized about 50 pages from the end that I had read this before, in my very early 20s. Now I sort of want to reread it once a decade. We'll see.
(1, O1)

Encyclopedia of the Exquisite, by Jessica Jenkins Kerwin
It took me a long time to get into the groove of this reference book, but once I did I zoomed through it. Pretty, magazine writing - but in the best sense of the words.

The Best American Comics 2013, edited by Jessica Abel, Matt Madden, and Jeff Smith
As always, this was a combination of enjoyable rereads, delightful new finds, and tiresomely opaque things I would never seek out on my own. Thank you, o editors.

Red Rocks, by Rachael King
Simple and straightforward, emotionally solid story about a young boy, his father, and old man, the Wellington coast, and selkies.

The Hobbit: The Incredible Journey: Chronicles II: Creatures and Characters, by Daniel Falconer
Not as interesting as the art and design book, but still full of very pretty pictures.

A Tale for the Time Being, by Ruth Ozeki
If this is a year where every month I read a book that is as shimmering and earthy and heartfelt and carefully structured and real and surreal as this one, it will be a very good year indeed.
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