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Barefoot Family Court; Dark Invisible Zen Coreyography

Fright Court, by Mindy Klasky
My favorite of her books so far. Funny, suspenseful, romantic, and a very very smooth read. Plus I liked the worldbuilding. Doesn't hurt that I have a secret, rarely-exercised love for the appurtenances of courts, going back to watching Night Court as a kid.
(22, O7, E4)

Barefoot Pirate, by Sherwood Smith
A romp! Delightful and cosy to read. If I were reading Sherwood's middle-grade-ish novels as a kid myself, I would like them even more.
(23, O8, E5)

Fierce Family, edited by Bart R. Leib
I liked a notably greater percentage of these stories than is usually the case in an SFF anthology. Which is good since it is part of my Crossed Genres Kickstarter rewards and I have about a jillion more of their publications to read for the same reasons :D.
(24, O9, E6)

Dark Magicks, by Katherine Kerr
I enjoyed these, good airplane reading. I really have to get around to reading some of her more popular works (like the novels I already own) one day.
(25, O10, E7)

Coreyography, by Corey Feldman
I expected to enjoy this but I didn't expect to not be able to put it down. I finished the book really feeling good about the author and my childhood crush on him. Then I spent some time with Google and now I feel kinda skeeved out? Celebrities, man.

The Invisible Code, by Christopher Fowler
Not one of my favorites in this series (those mostly came earlier on). But I really enjoyed both the occult-weirdness-of-the-week and some of the character-banter scenes.... mostly the ones with Bryant in.

Zen of Wonder, by Frank Beddor et al
I continue to find the plots of these somewhat confusing and the artwork incredibly nifty. Plus I have a soft spot for popularizations of zen, which this also is.
(28, O11)
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