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Light Bright Dare; King Dragon Loves Errantry

I Dare Me, by Luann Cahn
This book was not the sort of thing I usually read, but it was fun. More for the infectious enthusiasm and quirkiness than for the self-helpy bits.

Down the Bright Way, by Robert Reed
Old-school pessimistic scifi. Male-gazey, but I really liked it, which is rare for male-gazey things. I think because the male gaze felt so *particular* - the gaze of that one particular person who happened to be male, rather than something more assumed-to-be-universal.
(16, O2)

Travel Light, by Naomi Mitchison
This was charming, and odd, and I think if I'd read it as a child, it would be one of my childhood favorites. Did not quite have that power, retroactively.
(17, E1)

Diary of a Dragon, by Tad Williams
Entertaining fluff. I liked the illustrations especially.
(18, O3, E2)

Errantry, by Elizabeth Hand
For some reason I kept restarting this book, over a period of years, so the first couple of stories felt like old friends and the last few were still new and strange. Not my favorite Hand, but solidly in the middle of her delicious oeuvre.
(19, O4)

Anything That Loves, edited by Charles "Zan" Christensen
GBLTQetc comix, focused on the BTQetc. I enjoyed them, some more than others. The overall effect of their being a whole great book of them was even more enjoyable than any particular comic, for me.
(20, O5)

King Dog: A Screenplay, by Ursula K. Le Guin
The was decidedly odd, and philosophical, and, I mean, if Le Guin wrote the phonebook it would be elegant and precise and impossible to put down. <3.
(21, O6, E3)
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